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Important Things to Consider Recreational vs. Competitive Sports

Recreational sports are normally offered through the recreation center. The cost of the sport varies depending on the sport you chose. These sports cost less and require less travel. Recreational sports have more participants, which requires less commitment. There are no tryouts needed to play them. They are played during their regular season and gives kids the opportunity to work on basic fundamentals. The games are for fun and played around the local community. Participation is often voluntary and absences are allowed.

Competitive sports are much more time consuming and require a huge commitment. To make a competitive team you must try out. This will test their skills and ability. Competitive teams are usually harder to get in and quite a challenge to stay in as they get older. Competitive sports are normally played year-round. Often, you travel outside of your community to compete. They often require students to keep their grades up in order to participate.

So, what do you need to know?

1. Lassiter Jr. Trojan Cheerleading is a COMPETITIVE sport. The girls are expected to attend ALL mandatory events, listen to their coaches, participate in conditioning at each practice and improve their skills as they progress through the program. Many cheerleaders from this program go on to cheer in high school and this program works to prepare them for that transition. We work with the high school coaches during tryouts each year.

2. Practices, games, choreography and camps are MANDATORY. When one cheerleader is missing, it affects the entire team since they often rely on their bases and flyers for halftime routines.

3. We travel to surrounding high schools for games outside of our Lassiter community. The girls cheer a number of home games at Lassiter, but also cheer several games at different high schools.

4. The girls are REQUIRED to keep up their grades. Any cheerleader with two failing grades on their report card will no longer be able to participate. This is the same rule for high school. Please note that any cheerleader who receives a “U” in behavior on any report card will be dismissed from the squad. It’s important to note that we have never had to remove a girl for grade issues.

5. There is a time commitment expected from parents. This is not optional. All parents MUST volunteer on a committee and must have their daughters to practice and games on time.

6. Social events are organized per squad to encourage team building and camaraderie between the girls. We want the girls to work together and be supportive of one another. Although this is a competitive program and expectations are higher, we still encourage inclusion, friendships, fun, and a supportive environment for girls and parents.

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